2.65m Recycled Matai Tables (Seats12) $69.00

2.5m Recycled Rimu Bench Seat (Seats 5) $25.00      

2.2m x 1.1m Solid Matai Bar $350.00

1.8m x1.1m Slated Rimu Bar $250.00


Table Knife                             $0.60

Table Fork                              $0.60

Entrée Knife                           $0.60

Entrée Fork                            $0.60

Dessert Spoon                       $0.60

Teaspoon                               $0.60


Sateen Cotton Napkin             $1.50


Dinner Plate 29cm                 $0.75

Entrée Plate 23cm                 $0.75

Side Plate 18cm                     $0.65

Soup/Pasta Bowl 23cm         $0.75

Tea Cup and Saucer               $0.75


We stock traditional Electron (pole and peg) marquees, which come with white or transparent sides and optional silk linings.

Prices provided upon application.

All prices will be quoted with delivery, erection and collection.

Sizes (in metres):

5x7, 6x6, 6x9, 8x8, 8x14, 8x20, 9x9, 

9x15, 9x21, 12x12, 12x18, 12x24, 

12x30, 12x36, 12x42.

Tip: We consider a square metre per person (seated) comfortable when selecting a marquee.

All prices include GST


White Wine 440ml                 $0.75

Red Wine 530ml                    $0.75

Champagne Flute 220ml        $0.75

Beer/Juice Glass 350ml         $0.60

Tumbler 365ml                        $0.60

Carafe 1L                                $2.00

Glass Jug 1.2L                         $2.50

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